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google like a boss

Everybody knows how to “Google” but not everyone knows how to search easily. Here are simple yet effective ways of maximizing your Google search… like a boss!

Quotation Marks :”search term”

find exact words-no synonyms or plural search for the exact set of words, quotes or phrases
This is useful for searching quotes and song lyrics
Gets the exact phrase content in the websites

EX: if you search "To be or not to be" then the result shows exact matching words in the content.
Ex searches "cricket stars"

Excluded words

jaguar -animal
Put a dash before a word that you want to exclude in your search
Here the results shown as Jaguar cars, -(dash) removes/excludes the animal word or links in the result

site: query

Use site: to search within the specific website
Results show only internal related links to the site

link: query Use link: to search for sites that link to the specified site


Use related to finding sites that

therefore beebom is tech tips website so related query suugest any other tech tips  website which is related to the specified site.


find a type of file: PDF, DOC, TXT filetype:PDF
If search hacking books filetype: pdf
Results show as hacking books specific format (such as you can use ppt, pdf doc, txt, exe etc formats).
You can download very easily


find words in the title of the webpage intitle: interviewtips
Get the interviewtips  word in website tittle.
Allintittle: restrict the result to those with all of the query words in the title.

Multiple Words

Adding OR between words will return results with either of those words
For any instance books urban friction or street fiction
Then result shown as site links contain "street fiction "or "urban fiction" books

Similar Words

Use a tilde before a term to Christmas -desserts
include results with its synonyms .thse query will search for music classes,lession, coaching etc
ex  ~mobile phone,
Result: result with the word "phone"as well as "cell","cellular","wireless"

Vertical Bar

this query will search websites that have Any one /two/all of the terms

For comparisons use VS

Ex: rice vs juice

Motox vs motoG 5 plus

Honor vs iPhone
it saves most of time

Unknown words or phrases

if you serarch query as largest computer * in the world

The result shows * indicates missing word|phrases

Results are shown as related to missing word or query

Info social media

Search social media accounts

Add @ before the word to search in social media

For instance: @twitter


Gives the information about the searched site

find definitions for a word define: audacity

Two Periods
Search between the ranges ..

.. Indicates range
movies 1950..1970
Use two periods between two numbers to express a range of things like date. measurements and prices.

Weather (pin code) | Movies
get weather for a region weather
find movies & theatres nearby (zip or city) movies 94043

Flight live Status

flight status get flight status with the airline & flight number HA 124

Sports: Search for the name of your team to see a schedule, game scores and more.

Calculations: Enter a math equation like 3*9123, or solve complex graphing equations.
simple trick to find approx result  to your search
index of  or index   
ex :indexof "search term"
indexof hollywoodmovies
indexof spiderman movies
indexof bollywood moivies


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